Power Escorts - BR141 - LILA Oral Princess

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Power Escorts – Oral Princess – Air Pressure Vibrator – Waterproof – Clitoral Stimulator/Massager – Stylish – Multiple functions – runs on Battery – BR141 – Pink – Colour box
This stylish black air pressure vibrator is the ideal vibrator when it comes to clitoral stimulation. This air pressure vibrator is designed in such a way that you cannot miss the right spot and thus bring you to a climax you have always dreamed of. The air pressure vibrator has several functions
Multiple functions
Water resistant.
Runs on batteries.
Easy to use.
Easy to clean.
Silicone (extra soft)
This air pressure vibrator is very user-friendly and is unique in its black color. With the rose gold details on the back, the air pressure vibrator is very stylish and looks super chic. The air pressure vibrator is easy to hold and easy to use. Since the air pressure vibrator is also water resistant, it can also be used in the shower. For extra showering fun!