Argus - Black Wrist And Ankle Bed Restrain - AF 001033

300 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
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Made from nylon, plush and nickle free metal hardware this bed restrain system is great for anyone due to its adjustable black straps. Inside of the black cuffs is soft plush that will give a nice and secure grip during any moment. The set comes with 4 pieces of cuffs that are secured with strong velcro, while the straps are fully adjustable and have snap hook that can be connected to anything.
Box measurements are 15x24x6.5 cm.
Straps are unisize.
Length of cuffs for hands : 29.5 cm
Length of plush for hands : 19.5 cm
Length of cuffs for legs : 34.5 cm
Length of plush for legs : 24 cm