Penis sleeve SUPER HERO Champion

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Increase the length and diameter of the member without surgery is possible! Nozzle from Lola Toys easily cope with this task! With a set of removable extensions you decide how deep is your sex. Complete with attachment You get three extension:. 3, 3.5 and 5 cm Super Hero will give close contact and vivid emotions, increasing the diameter of a member of up to 2 cm Gentle elastic material Neoskin ensure a tight girth, firmly adhering to the penis, like a second skin. . For additional. fixing the nozzle has a loop for fastening beneath the scrotum. The size and scope of the loops allow to keep the nozzle and provide sensory stimulation, making the act longer. Total nozzle length – 17.5 cm, diameter – 4 cm length of the inner tunnel – 16.5 cm in diameter in an unstretched condition – 2 cm Packing -.